Paulo with Konig fretless, 2016 (photograph courtesy Sally Foster Photography)

Paul (Paulo) Leeder
Bass Player

Candelo, NSW, Australia

ph 0438 353 133

"Playing the blues is my first love. Blues is pretty broad when you get down to it - slow blues, jump blues, jazz blues, swing blues, electric blues, acoustic blues, Chicago blues... I'm not allergic to other genres; I just really love the blues in all its forms."  :-))>

Paulo is also convenor of the Candelo Blues Club on the NSW Far South Coast.

Paulo's upcoming gigs...

23 April 2021 7:00pm Chris Harland Blues Band Blackbird, Braddon, ACT
9 May 2021 1:00pm Candelo Blues Club Top Pub, Pambula, NSW
11 June 2021 5:00pm Chris Harland Blues Band Longstocking Brewery, Pambula, NSW
13 June 2021 1:00pm Chris Harland Blues Band Hosting CBC jam @ Top Pub, Pambula, NSW

Paulo plays with...

The Chris Harland Blues Band - Canberra, Australia (photograph by Stephen Corey) The CHRIS HARLAND Blues Band

Chris Harland - guitar, vocals
Peter Kirkup - keys
Mitch Preston - drums
Paul Leeder - bass

Paulo @ International Blues Music Day, Canberra, August, 2015 (photograph courtesy Murray Foote) ...and also with:

Ali Penney
Blue Eyes Cry
Chris Carlsen Band
Divine Devilles Band
Mark Harley Band
Moondog Blues Band
Pearlnoire Blues Show

Need a bass player? Contact Paulo.
Paulo @ Goulburn Blues Festival, NSW, Australia, 2010 (photograph by Heather Jean Leeder) " of Australia's most accomplished bass players." - Dan Fernandes, vice-president, Canberra Blues Society
Paulo - CHBB 2011 acoustic
The Chris Harland Blues Band - Canberra, Australia (photograph by CBS)

Contact Paulo...
0438 353 133

abn 85 997 892 969
Paulo @ International Blues Music Day, Canberra, August, 2015 (photograph courtesy Canberra Blues Society)
Paulo @ CBS jam, June, 2011 (photograph courtesy Paul Livingston)
Paulo @ CBS jam, November, 2013 (photograph by CBS)

Some history...

Paulo first took up the electric bass in 1966 at the suggestion of a high school classmate who needed a bass player for his band. Paulo's first bass was a homemade instrument which he subsequently traded-in on some "real" gear.

Paulo @ The Harmonie German Club, Canberra, ACT, Australia, 2012 (photograph by Paul Livingston) In the late 1960's Paulo began gigging around Melbourne with rock outfit Muffpot (with Ron Teuma, Danny Pasto and Sam Righi) and pop band The Union (with Paul Swann, Phillip Howe and Trevor Misselbrook).

Some of the bands Paulo worked with in the 1970's included Mr Muse (pop 'n' roll with Remy Aromain, Phil Bowen and Trevor Missellbrook), Atlas (latin-rock with John Annas, Sam Caserta and Joe Maker), Gypsy (prog-rock with John Annas, Tony Lee, Joe Maker, David Graham and John Brown) and Thin Ice (funk 'n' roll with Peter Velasco, Glen Bayliss, Shane Dorrington, Sam Caserta, Sig Anderson, John Santos, Tim Fettes, Ross Guenther and John McCulloch), amongst others. He also worked with artists such as Jeff St John, Wendy Saddington and Angry Anderson.

In 1978 Paulo moved from Melbourne, Victoria to Candelo, New South Wales and began playing with such talents as Tony Haid and Dave Hannagan (Haid, Hannagan & Leeder), Pol O'Shea, Mike Crowe, Donny Ryan, Louise Harnett, Dennis Richards and others, before returning to Melbourne. After a short stint with the Sinclair Brothers band Paulo semi-retired from playing to concentrate on a career in the computer industry.

In 1990, Paulo returned to the NSW Far South Coast.

The "itch he couldn't scratch" persisted through the ensuing years until Paulo returned to "active duty" in 1996. He then began working with the finest of the NSW Far South Coast music fraternity, including the Sleepwalkers (rhythm 'n' groove with Jim Lay, Al Leake and Kerrin Dow), Pace (power blues-rock with Nick Lister and Rod Motbey), Leeder & The Pack (rhythm 'n' groove with various artists), The Tomcats (rhythm 'n' groove with Ken Vatcher, Kym Beare and Pete Wild), Jay McMahon, Heath Cullen, Cathy Middleton, Heather Black, Damon Davies, Deb Weeden, Terry Heffernan, Mike Crowe, Pol O'Shea, Franz Peters, Lee Grando, Bob Porter and others.

In 2006, Paulo moved to Canberra and began forging connections within the ACT blues scene. He regularly performs with the Chris Harland Blues Band, the Dorothy-Jane Band (blues 'n' groove with Dorothy-Jane Gosper, Michael-John Stratford and Baz Cooper/Mike Dooley/Ali Penney/Dave Blanken/Richard Steele/and others). Paulo also performs occasionally with other notable musicians such as Dave Blanken, Illya Szwec (Wollongong), Adam Hole, Marji Curran, Rick Millband, Chris Tominich, Christo Carlsen, John Stockdill, Jonno Zilber, Shane Dorrington (Melbourne), Gary Jones (Melbourne), Bruce Smyth, Ken Vatcher, Wayne Ryder, Johnny Reynolds, Kerry Mather, Mike Dooley, Pearlnoire and Ali Penney.

In 2013, Paulo moved back to Candelo in the Bega Valley after seven years in Canberra. He still performs with the Chris Harland Blues Band and the Dorothy-Jane Band, and intends to forge closer ties with the Bega Valley musical community.

In 2016, Paulo started the Candelo Blues Club to further the blues music cause on the NSW Far South Coast. The CBC holds regular monthly jams at the Candelo Hotel and the jammers and punters come from near and far. Paulo put together house band, Blues On Tap, comprising Don Ryan (guitar/vox), Lucy Fisher (vox), John Fraser (drums), John Drews (keys) and Paulo (bass), to underpin the jam.

In 2019, the Candelo Blues Club is going strong and attracts punters and jammers from far and wide. New musical alliances have been forged too. Personnel in Blues On Tap saw a change early in the year and it continues as house band, alternating with feature acts for the jam hosting role.

Paulo, whose playing is exemplified as "powerful, driving and funky", intends to continue playing "forever"!


Paulo has performed at numerous festivals over the past few years, including:
  • Art & All That Jazz Festival, Wallabadah

  • Art, Not Apart Festival, Canberra

  • Australian Blues Music Festival, Goulburn

  • Band Together Music Festival, S-E NSW

  • Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival

  • Candelo Village Festival

  • Captains Flat Music Festival

  • Cobargo Folk Festival

  • Dubbo Jazz Festival

  • Echuca-Moama Winter Blues Festival

  • Fiji International Jazz & Blues Festival

  • Great Southern Blues Festival, Narooma

  • Gundaroo Music Festival

  • Illawarra Jazz Festival, Wollongong

  • International Blues Music Day, Canberra

  • Kiama Jazz & Blues Festival

  • Kidgee Ridge Music Festival

  • Main Street Festival, Canowindra

  • Merimbula Jazz Festival

  • Mitchell Creek Festival, QLD [2020 cancelled]

  • National Multicultural Festival, Canberra

  • Sydney Blues & Roots Festival

  • Thredbo Blues Festival

  • Tilba Village Festival, Central Tilba

  • Wagga Wagga Jazz & Blues Festival

  • WOMindra, Canowindra
  • Artists & Musicians...

    Paulo has performed with many artists and musicians over the years, including:
  • Ali Penney (Ali Penney & the Moneymakers)

  • Andy O'Donnell

  • Angry Anderson

  • Anna Scionti

  • Charlie Bedford

  • Chris Harland (Chris Harland Blues Band)

  • Chris Carlsen

  • Chris Tominich

  • Damon Davies

  • Dave Blanken

  • Davo Fester

  • Don Ryan

  • Dorothy-Jane ('DJ') Gosper

  • Frank Sultana

  • Gary Dahan

  • Greg Ohlback

  • Heath Cullen

  • Illya Szwec

  • Iseula Hingano (Blue Eyes Cry)

  • Jackson Fisher

  • Jeff St John

  • Jesse Valach

  • John Annas

  • John Drews

  • John Stockdill

  • Jon ('Trapper') Trevena

  • Ken Vatcher

  • Lucy Fisher

  • Matt Morrison

  • Michael Dooley

  • Mitch Preston

  • Moondog J

  • Nathan Brett (Blue Eyes Cry)

  • Nick Lister

  • Pearlnoire (Pearlnoire Blues Show)

  • Pete Wild

  • Richard Steele

  • Rod Motbey

  • Shane Dorrington

  • Shane Pacey

  • Steve Richards

  • Wayne Kelly

  • Wendy Saddington
  • Discography...

    2020: Live at The Grand - The Chris Harland Blues Band (Chris Harland - guitar, vox; Mitch Preston - drums; Jackson Fisher - keys; Paul Leeder - bass)
    2014: Tony Cini's Blues Explosion - Volume 6 - The Chris Harland Blues Band - 1 track (Chris Harland - guitar, vox; Mitch Preston - drums; Wayne Kelly - keys; Paul Leeder - bass)
    2014: A Long Time Coming - The Chris Harland Blues Band (Chris Harland - guitar, vox; Mitch Preston - drums; Wayne Kelly - keys; Paul Leeder - bass) [Reviews]
    2013: Woman on the Run - The Dorothy-Jane Band (Dorothy-Jane Gosper - vox, harp; Michael-John Stratford - drums; Baz Cooper - keys; Paul Leeder - bass; and guests: Johnny Reynolds - guitar; John Van Buuren, Ernie Van Veen - backing vox)
    2011: Stick Around - DeeJay Gosper (Dorothy-Jane Gosper - vox, harp, keys; Michael-John Stratford - percussion; Baz Cooper - accordian; Paul Leeder - bass; Bob Rodgers - guitar, mandolin, vox; Sandy Gibbney - fiddle; Damien Neil - guitar)
    2011: The Driver's Seat - DeeJay Gosper & the Hot Flush Blues Band (Dorothy-Jane Gosper - vox, harp; Michael-John Stratford - drums; Baz Cooper - keys; Paul Leeder - bass; and guests: Dave Blanken, Callum Burns - guitar; Max Williams - sax; Judi Pearce, Dan Fernandes - backing vox)
    2010: CHBB - The Chris Harland Blues Band (Chris Harland - guitar, vox; Rick Millband - drums; Paul Leeder - bass)
    2008: Pot Belly Blues (live) - The Chris Harland Blues Band (Chris Harland - guitar, vox; Jon Nourse - drums; Paul Leeder - bass)
    2008: Summertime Blues (live) - The Chris Harland Blues Band (Chris Harland - guitar, vox; Jon Nourse - drums; Paul Leeder - bass)
    2006: Waiting for the Show to Begin - Jim Lay (Jim Lay - vox, guitar; Alan Leake - guitar, dobro, mandolin; Jay McMahon - drums, backing vox; Heather Black - backing vox; Deb Weeden - backing vox; Damon Davies - backing vox; Paul Leeder - bass)
    2000: Sapphire Coast SuperJam (live) - Pace (Rod Motbey - guitar, vox; Nick Lister - drums; Paul Leeder - bass)
    1998: Greatest Hips - Reg Percy (Reg Percy - vox, guitar; Rod Motbey - guitars, backing vox; Nick Lister - drums; Bob Harris - guitar; Cathy Middleton - keys; Paul Leeder - bass)
    1991: Camp Quality - Supporting kids with cancer (Tony Haid - vox, guitar; Pol O'Shea - guitars; Terry Heffernan - drums; Franz Peters - vox, keys; Paul Leeder - bass)
    1977: Thin Ice - Thin Ice (Peter Velasco - vox; Sam Caserta - guitar; Glen Bayliss - drums; Sig Anderson - keys, backing vox; Ross Guenther - tenor sax; John McCulloch - flugelhorn; Tim Fettes - trumpet; Paul Leeder - bass)
    1972: Mr Muse - Mr Muse (Gary Grant - vox; Remy Aromain - guitar; Trevor Missellbrook - drums; Phil Bowen - guitar, vox; Paul Leeder - bass)

    Some links...

    If you'd like to see your link here, contact Paulo.

    The Chris Harland Blues Band - Canberra, Australia (photograph by CBS) The Chris Harland Blues Band - Canberra, Australia
    The Chris Harland Blues Band

    The Dorothy-Jane Band featuring Dorothy-Jane Gosper The Dorothy-Jane Band featuring Dorothy-Jane Gosper
    The Dorothy-Jane Band

    Blues on Tap Blues on Tap
    Blues on Tap

    Canberra Blues Society - Promoting the blues throughout the capital region, Australia

    Sydney Blues Society - Blues is alive in Sydney, Australia

    Candelo Blues Club, Candelo, New South Wales, Australia
    Candelo Blues Club
    - Nothin' but the Blues in Candelo NSW, Australia

    Hume Blues Club @ The Shake Shack, 19 Harding St, Coburg, Vic - Live blues music venue in the Victorian Northern Suburbs. Hume Blues Club @ The Shake Shack hosts weekly blues jam nights and monthly showcases & blues events. A hangout for blues and roots music enthusiasts and budding blues artists who are encouraged to come along to perform and network with like-minded blues musicians.

    Maldon Blues Club, Maldon, Victoria, Australia
    Maldon Blues Club
    , Vic - Promoting blues music and artists in the Central Goldfields area (Maldon, Castlemaine and Bendigo). Our aim is to attract people to our historic town and to become a premium musical attraction in the area.

    Konig custom 5-string bass (photograph courtesy Konig BassworX)     Konig 4-string fretless bass (photograph courtesy Konig BassworX)     Paulo with Konig 5-string bass
    Konig BassworX
    - Builders of fine bass guitars
    - Where I buy my strings

    My Bass Talk - Social networking site for bass players

    Duck for Cover - Performing artists' insurance

    EasyRead Drum Charts - Drum charts by Shane Dorrington

    Cathy Middleton Photography - Photographer

    Creaking Door Photography - Stephen Corey, Photographer

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